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  • The contest is open to the entire State of Alabama and hunting hogs only in Alabama.

  • Entries will be classified in two categories. 1. Dog Division (Any team using dogs in any manner) 2.Gun Division (Teams not using Dogs) 

  • Cash Payout to the overall Heaviest Hog from either division. (Gun or Dog)

  • 2 Man Team Maximum – No Trapping! No High Fence! Must be hunted from the ground (tree stands and box blinds up high are ok) in regulation with Alabama State Laws. No hunting with other teams!

  • Hogs are weighed as a whole (do NOT gut/clean them).

  • No pooling of hogs! Your team must kill their own hogs, no one else!

  • The Contest starts Saturday, March 5, 2022 at 12 noon – NO EARLY STARTS!

  • You can hunt up until 12 noon on Sunday as long as you make it to the weigh-in!

  • Weigh-In is at Argo Deer Processing. No early Weigh Ins. Feel Free to arrive at Argo Deer Processing as early as 10 am for food music and to fellowship with other hunters but no weigh ins will start until 2pm. You must check in with officials BEFORE 2:01 PM if your hog is not checked in by 2 pm you will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • For the purpose of this hunt, hogs are defined to be feral, free ranging, wild hogs which have not been previously held, trapped, pen raised, and released for the purpose of being hunted in this contest and must not have been hunted from a hog proof fence. They must have the characteristics of a wild hog.

  • All Hogs Must Be DEAD in ordered to be weighed or measured!

  • NO Barred Hogs! No Exceptions! (Must have both nuts if a boar)

  • Any contestant found to be cheating or attempting to cheat will cause the disqualification to that contestant and forfeiture of any and all entry fees. Cheating will also cause that contestant to be banned from all future events and names will be given to all other competitions to consider their own bans.

  • In the event of a tie, the hog that weighed/measured first will be declared the winner of the tie-breaker.

  • You are responsible for the disposal of all wild hogs after they are weighed, unless other disposal means are available at the weigh-in.

  • All Federal and State Game Laws must be followed.

  • The Argo Deer Processing has the right to dissect any hog that makes the leaderboard during it’s weigh-in to search for any abnormalities that can hurt the integrity of this contest.

  • We reserve the right to check your hog! So please don’t cheat.

  • *ARGO DEER PROCESSING will have final say so regarding any discrepancies during this contest. We run a clean contest and want to make sure it stays that way. This is a way to give back to hunters and offer a fun family friendly opportunity to get together with other hunters. Please conduct yourself in a manner that reflects our values. ARGO DEER PROCESSING reserves the right to remove anyone from the contest for any behavior deemed disruptive, threatening, unsafe, or dishonest. NO QUESTIONS ASKED NO REFUND IF YOU ARE REMOVED. 

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